SWEA Singapore

The sound of Singlish


Har du ibland svårt att förstå Singengelskan?
Här hittar du några översättningar som kan vara till hjälp. Lycka till därute!

Can you or can ́t you? 
Can ah?

Can lah.

Yes. Of course.
Can leh.

Yes. I think so.
Can lor.

Are you sure?
Can hah?

How are you?
So how?

How are things?
Eh how?

I ́m well, thank you.
Okay lah.

I have finished it.
Finish already.

Where have you been?
You go where?

What did you buy?
You buy what?

Aah,I can’t stand it!
Aiyoh, buay tahan.

Don’t speak nonsense.
Talk cock

Look at the foreigner eating so much!
You see ang moh go eats so much, leh!

In this country, the weather is very warm.
Dis country weather very hot one.

That person over there is not trustworthy.
Dat person there cannot trust.

You don’t need to bring a camera tomorrow.
Tomorrow dun need bring camera.

He’s very good at playing soccer too
He play soccer also very good one leh.

I am craving for chicken rice.
Walau, I want eat chicken rice

I will be at the bus stop waiting for you.
I go bus-stop wait you

This isn’t good
No good lah.

You/it can’t go just like that.
Cannot anihow go liddat one leh.

Why didn’t you/he/it show up?
How come never show up?

Lyssna och lär 😉