SWEA Singapore

Caroline Palmstedt

CAROLINE PALMSTEDT is the Senior Associate Director with Centre for Future-Ready Graduates at National University of Singapore where she develops future-ready leadership programs for human potential growth. Previously she held the position as Talent Performance & Leadership Lead at Monsanto, Asia Africa. She was also the Regional Director, Asia at NeuroLeadership Institute, a leading global human performance development research and educational institute, developing the emerging field of NeuroLeadership. The field of NeuroLeadership connects neuroscientific knowledge with the fields of leadership development, performance and talent management and behavioral change management.

Caroline also held the position Regional Head of Practice Change Management with Ericsson Telecommunications, South East Asia, where she headed a transformational change program, defining a People Strategy, developing framework and approach for a behavioral transformation change program, part of Ericsson’s global business strategy in launching a new business model. The program drew learning from neuroscience in developing brain friendly change approaches to enable sustainable behavioral change.

Caroline has extensive corporate experience with more than 20 years of leadership experience in large multinational companies, with cultural exposure having worked for American, European and Asian companies. Previous to her career in Human Resources, she had an extensive career in Finance as Chief Financial Officer at Previa Healthcare, and Regional Finance Manager at Johnson & Johnson.

Caroline is passionate about neuroscience and its contribution to transformational behavioral change. During her years with Ericsson and Monsanto she developed several neuroscience based application models supporting the regional leadership team in managing organizational change. Her passion is dedicated to supporting leadership growth and development of young talent of Singapore with special focus on managing academic stress and maximizing performance.

Originally from Sweden she has lived and worked in Singapore since 2006. She holds a Post Graduate Degree in Neuroscience of Leadership, Middlesex University, an Executive Masters in the Neuroscience of Leadership and Diploma in Finance & Accounting Controlling.